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About the School

Collingwood English Language School is a major provider of the New Arrivals Program in the North Western Region. It is a combined primary and secondary school, which provides full time, intensive English courses for eligible newly-arrived migrants and refugees prior to their enrolment in a mainstream school or further education.

The main aim of the school's program is to provide a cooperative and supportive learning and working environment to enable students to develop the language and skills they require to move successfully into mainstream schooling. CELS is committed to building on what students know, taking account of different learning styles and rates of learning. A secondary aim is to introduce students to Australian society and culture. The school values the diversity and richness of cultures represented in the school and implements policies that support the provisions of racial and religious tolerance, sexual harassment and equal opportunity legislation.

Underpinning all school policy is recognition of the importance of developing self-confidence, respect for the rights of others and self-responsibility, as well as promoting sensitivity and tolerance as characteristics of school life.

The CELS environment promotes success and achievement and is responsive to the wide range of needs of the school community.

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