We have a Principal who oversees all three campuses. She is based at our Collingwood Campus and travels frequently to both the Broadmeadows and Craigieburn Campuses. 

Assistant Principals
We have an Assistant Principal at each campus, who takes enrolments and supports families to settle into the school. You can talk to the Assistant Principal about your child’s wellbeing and learning and they will direct you to the best support within and beyond the school.

Wellbeing Leaders
We have a Wellbeing Leader at each campus who:

  • Support and monitor students at risk within the classroom
  • Assist students and parents/guardians on Wellbeing issues
  • Monitor delivery of regular health, and Wellbeing programs

Transition Leaders
We have a Transition Leader at each campus who:

  • Support the transition of students to their next local government school or further education pathways
  • Assist with enrolment (organising  appointments, completing enrolment forms, choosing electives)
  • Follow up with students in their mainstream schools

Mentor Teachers 
The Mentor Teacher role is to help students with their learning and well being. Mentor teachers:

  • Create a safe and positive learning environment where students achieve success and are engaged.
  • Identify, discuss and monitor curriculum, assessment and reporting
  • Devise individualised goals and learning improvement plans for students at their point of need.
  • Establish common expectations and approaches in the classroom.
  • Ensure students understand and follow the values and procedures of the school. e.g. absences, lateness and early departure from school, appropriate dress.
  • Reinforce student’s ‘readiness to learn’.
  • Guide students to develop a positive view of self as a learner through
  • Be aware of the home situation of students and notify the Wellbeing Leader and Assistant Principal of any wellbeing concerns, such as health problems, transport difficulties, financial problems

Social Worker
The Social Worker works with the wellbeing team to help students and families while they are at CELS. The Social Worker helps : 

  • Educate: to strengthen and build new skills 
  • Link: to create and support healthy connections
  • Counsel: to listen with empathy and give guidance 
  • Protect: to ensure that students’ and families’ rights are supported and understood
  • Advocate: to act for others when needed

Our teachers have specialist English as an Additional Language qualifications. CELS has a commitment to ongoing professional development, team planning and regular program review, together with a long tradition of innovative curriculum development.

Outreach Services Coordinators
Outreach Services Coordinators support improved access to appropriate programs for eligible newly-arrived students in primary and secondary schools in the NWV Region.

Education Support Staff
Teachers are supported in the classroom by a team of experienced and skilled Multicultural Education Aides (MEAs), Literacy Support Staff, and an Integration Aide. 

Administrative Staff
Our administration staff support the smooth running of the school. The School has a full-time Office Manager and Receptionist/Administrative Officers. CELS also employs staff to provide technical support for our Information and Communication Technologies program.