Transition Program

Students are prepared for transition to mainstream schools by a special introductory program and an orientation visit where possible. After students exit to mainstream schools their transition is monitored by transition coordinators, student and teacher surveys and follow up visits. Secondary students return to CELS during their seventh or eighth week at the new school to meet with their ex-teachers and classmates, and to complete a follow-up survey.

Choosing a Mainstream School

The Transition Coordinators or Mentor teachers can provide information about government schools close to your home. Parents/guardians are encouraged to make an appointment and visit schools to help make a more informed decision. Please contact us early in the term if you are not certain which school is best for your child. The mainstream school which you choose for your child should have a good EAL (English as an Additional Language) program to provide further assistance beyond Collingwood English Language School.

To find your closest government mainstream school, use the Find My School website. 

Joining the Dots’ Preparing for Secondary School

Joining the Dots’ Preparing for Secondary School : A Guide for Parents 2017 is a useful guide for parents. Inner Northern Local Learning and Employment Network (INLLEN) is working on translations for this document.